"Where's Alice?" Treasure Box

This Alice Project was inspired by all of us feeling, at one point or another, about never forgetting to take time out for yourself.

Be it the constant demand of  job, career, family ,and even friends- take the time to hide out in your own secret place and just relax-or as my daughter-Lena- always says to me "Just Chillax mom!" I created this treasure box with great stash of supplies from Alpha Stamps. Enjoy.

Materials List:

We're All Mad Here Collage Sheet

Alice Tin Covers Collage Sheet

Micro Mini Flamingo

Alice Plays Croquet Collage Sheet

The Mad Hatter Collage Sheet

1 Inch Playing Card Deck

Black & Ivory Harlequin Diamond Scrapbook Paper

Mini Greenhouse with Stand

Tiny Chipboard Alice Props

Altoids Inserts Vignette - Set of 3

Blank Altoids Tins

Alice in Wonderland Portraits Collage Sheet

Looking Glass Book Box Collage Sheet Part 1

Hearts & Clubs Card Suits Scrapbook Paper

Hi Everyone- my latest 2 projects were inspired by my love for Alice in Wonderland- all the wonderful supplies were provided by Alpha stamps-which you can find the link above.

The first project named- "Where's Alice?" Treasure Box.  I first started with using the altoid tin box incorporated into a paper mache body form. I also decided to incorporate the mini greenhouse in which Alice can spend her solitary time. As seen below, I used gesso again to prepare the body form, altoid tin, and the greenhouse for painting and collaging with napkin/tissue paper.


 I had to cut the body form to shape the altoid tin into it.


For Alice's hideaway spot- I made a beehive out of wooden buttons glued together and wrapped twine around to shape the form of a beehive.

I collaged with cardstock my treasure box and decorated with all the beautiful, wonderful pieces that Alice would expect.